domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

Uma poesia do poemário The sentiment of a poet:

A poem without whitewash

Here is the poem:
don’t ask me to use whitewash;
I carefully avoid that word
to avoid something I have to avoid:
aesthetic and all related products.

Mr Brown ignores all about
the use of whitewash in poetry
and judge Larkin as misogynistic
and wants to submit to x ray the Movement
to find Englishness and expose it.
Don’t be astonished if Mr Brown
states he read William Carlos William
in a course on Gaelic Literature.
Mr Brown hasn’t ever known Jupiter,
even he thinks he lives at Olympus
and ministers comes from his thigh

I interrupt myself!

here is the poem:
don’t ask me to use whitewash
and Mr Brown; at least simultaneously

António Eduardo Lico

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