quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2013

Reponho um apoesia do poemário The sentiment of a poet:

Never use the word dragon in a poem

Dragon is an horrific word to use in a poem.
I use it because I’m writing it
writing it, I’m using it
if I wasn’t using it, I wasn’t writing it
and dragons couldn’t exist in my poem.
I shouldn’t use the word “because”…
See, “dragon” and “because” in a poem…
I know what you all are thinking:
I should express like that:
voyons “dragon” and “because” in a poem…
and even worse I used the word “if”.
Don’t believe I am a esthete
or should I write aesthete?
Whatever I am, I write words, however
I’m not the sophist so much waited.
Silence is my speech, is my dragon,
a word I should avoid in a poem.
Never use the word dragon in a poem;
if use it, you have to write it,
and after? Your fate is becoming an aesthete
what inconvenient! Someone can think
you want to be the next Canterbury Archbishop.
Voyons a dragon or a Canterbury Archbishop
Are not enough esoteric to be on a poem;
If they are aesthetic examples, it is because
one is dragon the other archbishop
and both are unreal in a poem.
I didn’t wanted to finish in a sophistic mood,
this poem was intended to be lyric.

António Eduardo Lico

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  1. Me anduve extraviando en tu poema, parece...


    1. Gracias Maritza,.
      Muchas veces un poema es una forma de extravio.