terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2012

Mais um poema de The sentiment of a poet:

Never use the word dragon in a poem

Dragon is an horrific word to use in a poem.
I use it because I’m writing it
writing it, I’m using it
if I wasn’t using it, I wasn’t writing it
and dragons couldn’t exist in my poem.
I shouldn’t use the word “because”…
See, “dragon” and “because” in a poem…
I know what you all are thinking:
I should express like that:
voyons “dragon” and “because” in a poem…
and even worse I used the word “if”.
Don’t believe I am a esthete
or should I write aesthete?
Whatever I am, I write words, however
I’m not the sophist so much waited.
Silence is my speech, is my dragon,
a word I should avoid in a poem.
Never use the word dragon in a poem;
if use it, you have to write it,
and after? Your fate is becoming an aesthete
what inconvenient! Someone can think
you want to be the next Canterbury Archbishop.
Voyons a dragon or a Canterbury Archbishop
Are not enough esoteric to be on a poem;
If they are aesthetic examples, it is because
one is dragon the other archbishop
and both are unreal in a poem.
I didn’t wanted to finish in a sophistic mood,
this poem was intended to be lyric.

António Eduardo Lico

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  1. Quizás al usar la palabra dragón la poesía se envuelva en sus llamas, no sé, me gusta como se viste esta palabra en tus versos.
    Un abrazo

    1. Hola Alicia, gracias por tu visita y palabras.
      Un abrazo.