quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

Mais 2 poesias de Amanhecer obscuro:

Este habitar em mim...

 Habito dentro de mim

E vejo-me fora de mim.

Não sei ser, sem não ser.


Lloyd was Lloyd.

He was also Georges.

So he was Lloyd Georges,

the Welsh magician.

Being Lloyd, he was Georges.

Being Georges, he was Lloyd.

He was destinated to be Lloyd Georges.

Lloyd Georges was dual.

No, he wasn’t because he was Lloyd and Georges,

or Welsh and British, even lawyer and politician.

Our man had always two positions as a politician;

perhaps, as a lawyer, even more

you know how the lawyers are…

Good old Lloyd…and Georges

let me remember you a minuteness;

oh that minuteness was laying

obscure at Babylon sands;

you see, I couldn’t resist to use

the word obscure; all poets use it, sooner or later.

Remember old Lloyd?

Oil, that’s it! Oil!

Remember good old Lloyd

your words, your joy –grab all that oil!

Where was your dual and proverbial position?

I know you was Lloyd, you was Georges,

later Lloyd Georges.

Let me guess old Lloyd, let me guess

I can see (and hear) you – There is Babylon

I am a lawyer; I want the hanging gardens at Downing Street

to study better this legal monument that is the Code of Hammurabi

the oil is just a detail, as the sand is just a detail in the desert

and I (him, Lloyd Georges) am not Nabuchodonosor,

I am not in prophet Daniel’s famous dream

even a prophet, a good one, couldn’t predict me.

Good old Lloyd Georges, Oh my welsh magician

you are dual and cold on your grave

and Babylon rests ignored under antique sands

never more vanquished, never more found.

António Eduardo Lico

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